Terms & Conditions

(1) Refund Policy

Our clients are contractors performing as “freelance teachers” and are not employees of ESL Teacher Hub.  English lessons/classes are being sold independently, therefore, we cannot guarantee their services and hold no responsibility.  There will be no refunds given (excluding process fee) after 24 hours of making the payment unless achieved directly by your teacher and not this company.  Please be sure you know and trust your freelance teacher before making a payment.

(2) Sharing Services

This is a per-student service and can only be utilized by one student unless otherwise directly approved by your freelance teacher. Sharing lesson/class time, content, and materials or giving your username and password to others is strictly prohibited and the account will be blocked immediately without notice.

(3) Student Behavior 

Inappropriate behavior during interactions with your freelance teacher is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. As a result, the lesson/class will end immediately, and any pending will be forfeited.

(4) Disclaimer

Since our clients are contractors and are not employees of ESL Teacher Hub we are not ultimately responsible for what they do.  We have no control over their not attending, canceling, and/or no longer giving their students already paid for lessons/classes. Our clients will be held directly liable should the tone or content of their communications be deemed offensive in any way. We hold no responsibility for this, although we will be sure to investigate and discipline the offender if necessary, including, but not limited to, suspending or terminating their agreement with ESL Teacher Hub and/or reporting their conduct to the relevant government authorities.